Super Simple SMS Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Even if you’re not a Real Estate Investor, the simple strategies that are included in this video will definitely apply to you and virtually any business.

In this video, Susan Lassister-Lyons breaks down two simple strategies that will make every Real Estate Investor’s money getting light bulb go off in their head on how to use SMS marketing to grow their lists.

If you’re wanting to find the most effective way to build your list of interested investors and get the word out quickly, then watch this video.

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Call Loop Wins Infusionsoft’s Ultimate Marketer Contest for Online Sales

It’s a great day here in Florida and last week at Infusionsoft’s annual event, Infusioncon, Call Loop and I was awarded with winning their coveted Ultimate Marketer Award for “Best in Class: Online Sales.”

We’ve done some amazing things with Call Loop over the last year since we moved our entire business over to Infusionsoft. It’s been a team effort here and many thanks for everyone on our team to make that happen.

Many thanks to our team:

Ronnie Andrews Jr, Chris Chubb, Andrew Ellis, Kristina Pangilinan, and Trevor Mauch!

4 Reasons Real Estate Agents Need Mobile Marketing

If you are a Real Estate Agent then you are aware that there is a big movement in the market moving towards mobile marketing.  We are all on our mobile phones for over 80 minutes a day on average.  A vast majority has a smart phone as the price for these phones are getting cheaper.  So being that there is a huge movement in this direction we want to help you as an agent understand the top 4 reasons you need to be apart of it.
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