7 Simple Strategies For SMS Marketing Mastery

When most people think of text messaging, they think about texting a friend, family member, or getting a Candy Crush notification, but in reality texting can be put to use in countless ways to help you communicate better with your contacts and grow your business.

Here’s a few ways in which you want use SMS to enhance your business.

Automated Marketing

When a new subscriber joins your group through a webform or by texting in your keyword to our short code, you can create a series of “drip messages” or followups to automatically send messages to your subscribers.

What we find that works well from clients is providing a message to the person right away. Then maybe 5 days later provide a discount on your product or service if they have not purchased yet.

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VEGAS BABY! Our Big Takeaways from The Internet Marketing Super Conference


The team over here at Call Loop just got back from a week in Vegas and are excited by all of the great people and knowledge we were able to take away from the event. If you aren’t on the list to go to this conference it would be well worth it for the next year to get a ticket and go. We met some of the biggest influencers in the Real Estate space and got to have 1 on 1 conversations with the real people making moves behind the scenes.
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