[NEW FEATURE] Click Tracking & Short URL’s for SMS Text Messages

“You can’t manage, what you can’t measure.”

Peter Drucker said that many moons ago and today you’re going to learn about a brand spankin’ new feature we just released called, Click Tracking, that helps you better manage the effectiveness of your messages.

Click Tracking by Call Loop will not only shorten your links for you, but will also show you how many people click your links from your SMS text messages.

This brand new built-in feature gives you deep insight into how well your campaigns are performing when linking to a website from a text.

No more LONG website url’s that take up your entire message, just enter your URL and click “create” and we’ll automatically shorten it for you and insert it into your message.

How Click Tracking Works

When you create your link, Call Loop converts it into it’s own unique link that’s hosted on our website and domain cllp.co.  Then, when a subscriber clicks on one of the links in your SMS message, we track this as a click and calculate all of the clicks generated for each specific link.

How Do I Track Clicks From My Texts?

Each Call Loop account includes Click Tracking for free and there is no fee for this. To create a trackable link, simply create a Broadcast, Followup, or Trigger SMS text message and click on the “link” icon below the message area.

SMS Click Tracking

Analyzing Your Results

After you send your text message, you’ll be able to track in REAL-TIME the results of your campaign. Here’s what the snapshot will look like:


So… what do you think? Give it a try and let us know your thoughts and results from your campaigns!

Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics

You can easily track your text messages with Google Analytics. To do this, create your URL using the Google URL Builder. Then copy the link and create your trackable link within Call Loop.

Super Simple SMS Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Even if you’re not a Real Estate Investor, the simple strategies that are included in this video will definitely apply to you and virtually any business.

In this video, Susan Lassister-Lyons breaks down two simple strategies that will make every Real Estate Investor’s money getting light bulb go off in their head on how to use SMS marketing to grow their lists.

If you’re wanting to find the most effective way to build your list of interested investors and get the word out quickly, then watch this video.

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NEW! The Call Loop SMS API & Voice Broadcast API

SMS Api Guide

Yes we do!

In fact, this is our 1st edition of our SMS API and voice broadcast api to make it easy for you to integrate Call Loop into your applications, software, and internal systems. We’re one of the easiest bulk sms providers :)

We will continue to update and improve our API in the next coming weeks and months. For now, you can download the guide here.

Download The Call Loop API Guide

Here are the operations that you can do with Call Loop’s API.

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7 Simple Strategies For SMS Marketing Mastery

When most people think of text messaging, they think about texting a friend, family member, or getting a Candy Crush notification, but in reality texting can be put to use in countless ways to help you communicate better with your contacts and grow your business.

Here’s a few ways in which you want use SMS to enhance your business.

Automated Marketing

When a new subscriber joins your group through a webform or by texting in your keyword to our short code, you can create a series of “drip messages” or followups to automatically send messages to your subscribers.

What we find that works well from clients is providing a message to the person right away. Then maybe 5 days later provide a discount on your product or service if they have not purchased yet.

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